Overwatch Hero Teaser: 5 Things to Note

Overwatch Hero Teaser for Hero 31 has been released via Twitter. Here are five things to note about the teaser.

Overwatch Hero Teaser: 5 Things to Note

1. The Tweet Shows Various Equations

Shortly after Jeff Kaplan gave his introduction, the video becomes distorted, and a white screen appears with a series of equations being shown. The equations look complex to someone new to physics, but they may actually be clues as to what the next hero will do. In fact, Reddit user ztokdo has done a breakdown of the equations in a post on the main Overwatch subreddit. You can find the breakdown here.

2. The First Ability May be Related to Curving Bullets

The first two equations shown in the teaser, put simply, are related to describing a fixed large body and a smaller body, with the smaller body curving around the larger one. This means that the first ability may be some kind of object you can place on the map, such as Baptiste's Immortality field, that can curve bullets or projectiles towards a target.

3. The Second Ability May be an Anti-Gravity Beam That Lifts Players in the Air

The next two equations relate energy that resemble a beam to have properties of both gravity and anti-gravity. This could mean that the new Overwatch hero has a beam that could lift players into the air and set them back down elsewhere. It is not yet known whether something like this would affect allies, enemies, or both, but it is interesting to think that Blizzard may have programmed anti-gravity for this hero.

2. The Ultimate Might be a Protective Buff That Uses Enemy Fire and Abilities

Based on the last equation and the diagram, which showcases a Feynman diagram, it can be implied that there is some object that can absorb or collect something to be used at another time. This could mean that Sigma has an ultimate which can pull in enemy bullets, projectiles, and damage from abilities to use as a buff for his teammates.

1. The Text in the Tweet May Refer to a Threat to Lucio

The Tweet has some musical notes in the text amidst a series of mathematical symbols. In addition, Jeff Kaplan was also wearing a Lucio shirt in the video. It is possible that Sigma might be an enemy to Lucio, and is posing a threat to him.

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard

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