Overwatch Hero Tier List January 2020

Overwatch Hero Tier List January 2020
Overwatch Hero Tier List January 2020 / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch hero tier list is important to have as the game has a surplus of heroes for gamers to play and enjoy. Not all heroes are built the same.

Here is our Overwatch tier list as of January 2020:

Overwatch Hero Tier List January 2020

1. Tier 1

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Junkrat (Damage): The Aussie explosive damage specialist is not only fun to play, but he's extremely effective at constantly annoying the other team with frag grenades that appear from across the map and various traps and mines that players unknowingly walk into. Not to mention, Rip-Tire may be the strongest hero power in the game as you can control where it goes and when it explodes to ensure that you are taking out as many players as you can.

D. Va (Tank): The energetic hero -- along with her twin fusion cannon mech -- is always in the middle of every battle wreaking havoc. With her defense matrix, she can protect herself from damage long enough to either fly at an enemy and fire off her mech's cannons, or blast the mech's micro missiles from a comfortable distance. With her self-destruct power, she can change the momentum of the entire match in a few seconds.

Lucio (Support): Not only can Lucio make sure everyone within a certain range is either being constantly healed or energized, he is an excellent attacker, as he can use his sonic amplifier even while supporting his teammates. When there is a shootout with a massive amount of heroes near the objective, you'll be glad to have Lucio's sound barrier that gives everyone personal shields.

Soldier 76 (Damage): Not only can Soldier 76 dish out tons of damage, he can also heal himself and teammates with his biotic field. His tactical visor picks off anyone in his path and he makes for a consistently dominant hero.

Reaper (Damage): The shadow stepper uses his wraith form to slip around and away from damage, and uses his hellfire shotguns to blast loads of damage. His death blossom will clear out a crowded area in the blink of an eye.

2. Tier 2

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Reinhardt (Tank): You'll often see this bulky armor-clad giant leading everyone into battle behind his barrier field. Once he begins charging at you, you might as well give up.

Orisa (Tank): Like Reinhardt, Orisa also uses a barrier to protect herself and teammates. She can fortify herself to reduce damage done to her and can supercharge to dish out tremendous damage with her automatic fusion driver.

Pharah (Damage): The soaring security officer is seen hovering above the map picking off enemies each match she is played in. It is difficult to shoot down a flying hero, especially when she is firing rockets at you.

Roadhog (Tank): With his chain hook that reels in enemies, and his powerful scrap gun, Roadhog is the king of one-shots. He can also heal himself over time, making him nearly unstoppable.

Mercy (Support): Mercy is the perfect healer as she can fly to her teammates and constantly heal them with her staff, while also being able to resurrect fallen teammates. When it comes to close-quarters, her caduceus blaster isn't have bad.

3. Tier 3

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Tracer (Damage): Whether she is slip-streaming to or from danger, or firing rapidly from a distance, the elusive Tracer is capable of quickly picking off enemies before they can blink an eye.

McCree (Damage): With his trusty pistol, McCree deals tons of damage whether he is firing one shot at a time or unloading the entire chamber at once. And when you hear "It's high noon," it's best to run.

Mei (Damage): Her endothermic blaster is the key to this frustrating to play against hero. One second you are running free, and the next your frozen and get shot by an icicle killing you.

Hanzo (Damage): Using his bow, Hanzo utilizes multiple kinds of arrows. One that reveals the location of all enemies, and one that makes his next set of arrows fire instantly. And his dragonstrike is known and feared by many players.

Genji (Damage): The shuriken-wielding Genji is hard to play, but once you master him, he is a monster. He can deflect attacks and quickly cut down his enemy in just a few moments, and like Hanzo, his dragonblade is known and feared.

Sigma (Support): One of the newer heroes in Overwatch, Sigma has the power to control gravity and uses it to shield himself and teammates, while attacking and dealing significant damage in a support role. His Gravitic Flux has the power to wipe an entire team.

4. Tier 4

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Sombra (Damage): The sneaky Sombra can disappear, hack your powers, and fire away with her machine pistol before you have a chance to fight back.

Ana (Support): Ever been on a roll and suddenly get put to sleep? That's Ana's fault. The sniper can halt any enemies movements as well as throw a grenade that deals damage, halts the ability for enemies to be healed, while also healing her own teammates. She is a headache to enemies but an asset if she's on your team.

Ashe (Damage): With her semi-automatic assault rifle and dynamite that sets enemies on fire, Ashe is a menace when the person playing her gets going. There's also B.O.B. who will lift you off the ground and take you out before you hit the ground again.

Torbjörn (Damage): When his turret is set up in the right spot, he will score the majority of kills for his team, especially when he uses molten core.

Zenyatta (Support): A mix of attacking and healing makes Zenyatta a powerful hero that can take out enemies while ensuring his teammates stay alive. He is a hero that can be the backbone of his team.

5. Tier 5

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Baptiste (Support): Another newer hero, Baptiste can deal damage with his biotic launcher and heal himself and teammates, while also having an immortality field handy which prevents allies from dying.

Wrecking Ball (Tank): Rolling around the map and dishing out damage with his quad cannons, Wrecking Ball uses his powers to shield himself and attack enemies, making him a tough to take out hero.

Doomfist (Damage): With the Doomfist in hand, he can punch, smash the ground, and fire cannons from his knuckles. His meteor strike is an attack few can run from.

Bastion (Damage): This friendly robot can run around on foot or switch into sentry mode and rip apart fields of enemies at once. Every player changes whatever plans they had when they hear the sound of Bastion's tank mode.

Brigitte (Support): With similar powers to Reinhardt, Brigitte is an offensive juggernaut, but can also heal, making her an all-around type.

6. Tier 6

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Widowmaker (Damage): The sniping assassin makes use of her sniper rifle to pick off enemies at a distance, and can switch to fully-automatic mode to fight at a shorter distance. When she gains infra-sight, no one can hide from her shots.

Winston (Tank): Using his tesla cannon and barrier projector, Winston deals consistent damage while being able to protect himself and teammates. After unlocking primal rage, Winston becomes extremely difficult to kill.

Zarya (Tank): Zarya can take out enemies with her particle cannon and use her particle barrier to take enemy attacks and use it to power up her cannon more. The split second between deciding whether to attack her or not could prove fatal.

Moira (Support): With her biotic grasp and orb, Moira is a master of healing and dealing damage. Her mastering comes mainly in the form of coalescence, which heals her teammates while also damaging enemies at the same time.