Overwatch in Smash: 5 Characters that Should be Added to the Game

Overwatch in Smash is an exciting potential addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Fans have been wanting Blizzard to do a collaboration with Nintendo to add Overwatch characters into the Smash Bros. universe. Here are five characters from Overwatch that should be added to Smash.

Overwatch in Smash: 5 Characters that Should be Added to the Game

1. Tracer

Tracer is the poster child for Overwatch. When people think of the game, Tracer is likely to be one of the first heroes that comes to mind. She has a unique kit, with her ability to Blink and Recall, so she would absolutely bring a unique fighting style to Smash, a slippery character that's hard to hit, but can also pack a punch.

2. Winston

Winston is another fan favorite Overwatch hero. The central character in much of the Overwatch lore, as well as the Overwatch teaser trailer, Winston would make a great heavy weight character in Super Smash Bros. Winston has an ability called Jump Pack, which could act as a recovery move, and his Barrier Projector would be a unique shield to add to the game.

3. Lucio

Lucio would be great addition to Smash for more reasons than just gameplay. Lucio can switch between healing and speed, making him a versatile fighter than could transition between offensive and defensive play at will. Furthermore, Lucio himself is a DJ, so adding Lucio into the game could allow Nintendo to add unique music specific to Lucio into Super Smash Bros.

4. Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball, also referred to as Hammond by the Overwatch community, is a cute little hamster that rides around in a deadly mech. His ability to change between a ball with a grappling hook, and a machine gun equipped mech would bring a unique style of fighting to Overwatch. His grappling hook would also make for a unique recovery ability.

5. Doomfist

As much as people love to hate Doomfist for being annoying, he is quite literally a fighting game character that was put into Overwatch. He has voice lines, sprays, and abilities that perfectly resemble your typical fighting game character, and many of his advanced techniques are referred to as combos, just like you would expect in a fighting game. Doomfist coming into the Super Smash Bros. universe would be a match made in heaven.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment