Overwatch Insane Trick Combines Echo and D.Va

Echo in Action
Echo in Action / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

An insane Overwatch trick with Echo and D.Va makes her buff when duplicating.

Echo has an ultimate ability that lets the artificial intelligence hero duplicate a targeted enemy hero and gains use of their abilities; This was the case when a patch note buffed the hero. An April fools buff on D.VA's mech became permeant in the game after the community responded, "I just had my first DVA mech-call double kill with this change, lol. Even made the POTG" Blizzard userRejac comments.

D.VA Ultimate
D.VA Ultimate / Photo courtesy by Blizzard

Overwatch Insane Trick with Echo and D.Va

April 2021 patch notes buffed D.Va's Call Mech feature 50 to 250 damage when the pilot calls her mecha. Echo's ultimate allows the A.I. to increase her charge rate at fast speeds when she duplicates into other characters. Duplicating D.Va allows Echo to give an insane amount of damage to the enemy team from the April buff.

In the video of Atlanta Reign versus San Francisco Shock, we can see how Echo quickly uses two ultimate abilities, back-to-back when duplicating D.Va on the 28-minute mark of the video. Charlie ‘Nero’ Zwarg is the player that manages to build up to two abilities when attacking an enemy Orisa.

This insane trick with Echo will have D.Va players keep their distance so their teams won't fall victim to two self-destructs.