Overwatch League All Star Skins: Everything You Need to Know

Overwatch League All Star Skins have been officially revealed for the 2019 OWL All Star games. Here is what we know about these skins so far.

Overwatch League All Star Skins

These skins might already look familiar because they were leaked approximately a week ago. Whereas last year's elemental theme was Fire Genji and Ice Tracer, this year's theme is solar, as the skins are Sun Lucio and Moon Mercy. Lucio has a mane of flowing green hair and dawns golden armor with the crest of the sun on his forhead. Mercy is similarly clad in armor, except hers is is purple and she has a lunar emblem on her head.

The All Star Games will be from May 15-16, which is during the break between Stage 2 and Stage 3. The selected players will play a variety of mini games in exhibition matches before culminating in a clash between the fan favorite players from the Atlantic and Pacific conferences. Fans will have to wait for the final vote to be counted before we know exactly which players will be attending this event.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment