Overwatch League All-Stars Skins Leaked

The Mercy and Lúcio skins set to be released during the Overwatch League All-Stars weekend leaked Thursday.

The skins follow in the footsteps of Tracer and Genji's from Overwatch League Season 1, dressing the heroes in extravagant and colorful outfits. The two skins are themed as opposing sides in a moon and sun dichotomy, with Atlantic representing the moon and Pacific the sun.

Mercy's moon skin dyes her hair a pale purple to go along with her blue and purple outfit. Her wings take on a dark blue, the same hue as the crown atop her head.

Lúcio sports golden armor with light green accents. A mane of green hair flows from the back of his white and gold helmet, with a sun on his forehead.

Last year Blizzard revealed the All-Star skins during the Overwatch League grand finals as a surprise for fans. They were purchasable for 300 Overwatch League tokens, triple the price of a standard Overwatch League skin.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard