The Overwatch League has introduced a new competition for fans to compete against one another. "Skins in the Game" takes place from May 27–31 and the rules are rather simple.

Every time you play a Quick Play or Competitive match with the color of your favorite team, you earn that team a point.

You can also earn a point on Twitter by using #MyOWLTeam and tagging your favorite team. There is no limit on how many points you can earn either through Twitter or through Overwatch games. Here are the rules:

  • Points will only accrue in Quick Play and Competitive.
  • You must complete the map in order to get credit for your team. If a map goes to overtime, you still need to be there at the end.
  • If you switch off a hero with no skin, but you played a hero right before with a skin, that skin will still be counted.
  • You can wear either the home or away team skins. Either earns a point.
  • You can wear team skins for any hero. They all count.
  • Atlantic and Pacific All-Stars skins do not count.
  • This competition is open to all players, in all regions, on all platforms.

The winning team will be announced on June 3. This competition will return on July 15–21.