Overwatch League Playoffs Will be Performed on New Overwatch 2 Patch

Blizzard Entertainment, Screenshot by DBLTAP

An Overwatch League spokesperson said that the Overwatch League will implement a balance patch into the practice server for players on Oct. 24, according to GGRecon writer Sascha Heinisch.
The balance patch will occur before the playoffs, which begins on Oct. 30. Teams became aware of the details of the balance patch on Oct. 17.

Teams from the Asia-Pacific area will be in Los Angeles on Oct. 24 and the travel day for North American teams will be on Oct. 28. There will be a requirement of producing content on Oct. 29, which will have teams in attendance. Apart from the content-producing session, teams will have time to hone their skills. Playoff teams that are working in this event can practice with the recent balance patch for five days.

According to GGRecon, Overwatch League team sources claimed that the balance patch might deeply affect the results of the playoffs.

An Overwatch League spokesperson told GGRecon that the league decided to create a balance patch before the playoffs because it is important for the league to show the game is performed by the community. The Overwatch League spokesperson also said that every team has PPAs during their stay for the Overwatch League playoffs and Grand Finals.

According to GGRecon, members of the Overwatch League expressed many views on the patch and the effects which they assume will come from it. One member said that the aim of the Overwatch League is to increase viewers while reducing attention to the results of the game.

Sources also revealed to GGRecon that patch details have been shown to the Overwatch League teams.

The balance patch will include details such as Sombra's hack ability lock-out duration being lowered from 1.75 to 1.5 seconds and Genji's Shuriken damage being lessened from 29 to 27.

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