Overwatch League Pros Answer: Who Would You Main if You Had to Change?

Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019
Overwatch League Grand Finals 2019 / Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In the run up to the Overwatch League Grand Finals, DBLTAP asked pros from across the competing teams about the state of the game, their own journeys to professional Overwatch, and more.

Why did you choose your hero to main, and who would you choose if you had to main another?

Grant "moth" Espe, San Francisco Shock: I chose to main Lucio because wall riding was fun and I was good at it. If I had to main someone else I would pick Brigitte.

Sean Taiyo "ta1yo" Henderson, San Francisco Shock: I honestly don't have "a main" hero. Back in Contenders, I had to play heroes I've never played before like Ashe, but I feel like my ability to learn heroes is pretty good

Minki "Viol2t" Park, San Francisco Shock: Zenyatta, nothing special, but I choose to main Zen because I decided to play flex support. I would choose Zen again even [if] I go back.

Jooseok "Twilight" Lee, San Francisco Shock: Ana. When Ana first came out, it was so fun to play because she was so strong even though she is a support hero. I would choose Ana again.

Dong-eon "FITS" Kim, Seoul Dynasty: My main hero is the [damage role]. The reason is because the team recommended me to practice saying that they think I have got talent. If I can choose otherwise, I would like to go for tank heroes - off tank. Looks like the off tanks have got a variety of capabilities and look fun to play.

Hyeon-woo "Toyou" Lim, Seoul Dynasty: I have done many tank heroes but as I chose Zarya as the main hero, my role became a flex tank. If I can choose, I would like to go for support, a flex-healer, because I wanted to try support for once and it's also a position that can lead the game.

Seung-tae "Bdosin" Choi, Seoul Dynasty: I am a flex healer for now but if I can I would like to try [damage].

Gael "Poko" Gouzerch, Philadelphia Fusion: I started playing Zarya as my main back in the days because she’s really strong if she is played well. She’s a tank and has a lot of HP but also does a lot of damage. Because of her bubble ability, she is able to have a huge impact on the game because you are able to control the tempo of your team. I'd love to be really good at Tracer but I suck at her.

Daniel "FunnyAstro" Hathaway, Philadelphia Fusion: I started playing Lucio because none of my friends wanted to learn him despite [his] being one of the strongest heroes upon release. He is incredibly impactful and still fun to play so I haven't looked back. If I had the skill to play her at the top level, I would main Tracer, she is a really fun hero to play.

Jae-gon "LeeJaeGon" Lee, Shanghai Dragons: As Lucio is the hero who has built my reputation, so he is my main. If I have to main another, I will choose a damage or tank hero to build my image.

Byung-sun "Fleta" Kim, Shanghai Dragons: As I can play Echo quite well, so I choose Echo as my main. But playing just one hero will be a loss of fun, so I’m practicing Hanzo. Although Hanzo is not often used in-match, it’s quite interesting. So I will choose Hanzo apart from Echo.

The Overwatch League Grand Finals Weekend runs Oct. 8-10, culminating with the Grand Finals championship match Oct. 10. Make sure to catch all the action at YouTube.com/OverwatchLeague.

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