Overwatch Level Borders: What Are They?

Overwatch level borders are much like the game's badges of honor. At a glance, they can tell you exactly where a player is in their career, how much effort they've been putting into the game, and how many matches they've probably won.

Here's how to tell the level borders apart and your guide to getting yours.

Overwatch Level Borders

Level borders are the fancy border detailing around your player portrait. Needless to say, level borders go up with each amount of levels you achieve. The border will reset after every rank promotion and change to a new color in order to reflect that promotion.

To gain levels, all you have to do is participate in matches and get experience points. There are a variety of different factors that can impact your experience amount, including timing, outcome, and type of match. The amount of experience needed to level up increases with each level but stops at level 22—with 20,000 points needed.

At the start, your level border will become more ornate with every 10 levels you gain. Once you hit over 100, however, your border will start to display stars. You can expect to receive another star every 100 levels until you reach five and are eligible for your next rank promotion.

In order, the rank promotions are:

  • Bronze - levels 1-600
  • Silver - levels 601-1200
  • Gold - levels 1201-1800
  • Platinum - levels 1801-2400
  • Diamond - levels 2401 and onward.
  • Cheers, heroes!

    Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.