Overwatch Lucioball: 5 Tips and Tricks

Overwatch's Lucioball has returned with the 2019 Overwatch Summer Games. This is one of the most popular game modes for Overwatch so it's no surprise players are looking to get the advantage on their opponents on this digital sports field. Here's some tips and tricks to help keep you ahead of the game.

Lucioball: 5 Tips and Tricks

1. Know Your Position

There are three positions you should take: goalkeeper, midfielder and offense. Goalkeepers should be keeping balls out of your net. Midfielders need to be protecting your turf and act as a line of defense while Offensive players are in charge of running the ball. Make sure you know who's doing what.

2. Aim Higher

If you're after the ball, you can aim a bit higher to make the ball bounce higher and force the defense on the other team have to work to block your shot by jumping. This tip ups the difficulty for them while putting less work on you.

3. Don't Relentlessly Chase the Ball

You aren't a Golden Retriever, so you don't need to be running after the ball every moment you're on the field. It will benefit you to step back and watch where the ball is headed before rushing in to join a cluster fighting for possession. That way, you can form a plan of attack for what you'll do with the ball.

4. Communicate with Your Team

Lucioball is a team sport and as such you should be talking to your teammates. It's important to be aware of where everyone is, who has their ultimate ready, and if anyone needs help. It wouldn't hurt to come up with game plans, either. For example, having someone in position to kick the ball into goal if you plan to bounce it off a corner.

5. Ult Responsibly

Your ultimate is best used in situations where you are close to the opposing goal or close enough to steer the ball away from other players close to your goal. Similarly, if you're close to the ball and notice an opponent activate their ult, you should do your best to keep it away from them.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.