3 Best Skins Released in Overwatch Lunar New Year

3 best skins released in overwatch lunar new year
3 best skins released in overwatch lunar new year / Image courtesy of Blizzard

The first big event of every year for Overwatch is the Lunar New Year Event, and with it comes exciting new skins. The skins try to grasp the elements that pour out from how the Lunar New Year is celebrated.

Some of the best skins from the event in the past includes LÜ BU Reaper, Sanye Orisa and Baihu Genji. This year had some exciting new skins as well, and here are the best.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Best Skins

1. Face Changer Sombra

Image courtesy of Blizzard

Due mainly to the creativity of this skin that features a mask that changes Sombra's face with a wave of the hand, and with the fun overall design of her outfit that matches her personality, this skin tops the list. "One moment, she might be sporting the red, black, and gold visage of Journey to the West’s legendary monkey king, Sun Wukong," Blizzard Entertainment wrote in the Blizzard forum. "A split second and a facial glitch later, she’ll be donning a mask of her own signature purple calavera motif, rendered in the elegantly embellished Sichuan opera style." Overall this skin is the most fun of any released.

2. Mask Dancer Moira

Image courtesy of Blizzard

Like Sombra, Moira's skin is unique from others. What separates the scientist's skin is the vibrant colors and mokjoong mask that help her stand out on the map. There are other new skins that stand out, but none quite like this, especially with the flames that emerge from her eyes.

3. Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball

Image courtesy of Blizzard

The final skin on this list belongs to the lovable hamster as he is coated in molten gold and seated in a paper mache-like mech. Anyone who has this skin will love shining brighter than everyone else.