Overwatch Maximilien: 3 Things His Storm Rising Involvement Could Mean

Overwatch Maximilien has been a name in the Overwatch lore for a while and has been mentioned through voice lines and a comic. The community knows he is part of the inner council of Talon and works for Doomfist. He seems to be about the monetary part of the evil empire.

But finally, fans will be able to interact with Maximilien as he was previewed in the latest Storm Rising trailer. Here are three things the introduction of Maximilien could mean.

3. Leading to a Talon-Based Mission

As the game continues to flush out Overwatch's past, it is slowly unveiling Talon and their plans for the world. It seems obvious the game is going to give us an all-Talon mission where we play characters like Moira, Doomfist, Widowmaker, and Reaper.

2. Maximilien Could be a Zenyatta Skin

Maximilien could be a playable character in the game, but if they don't want to go in that direction, it would be cool to give his skin to Zenyatta. He's an Omnic and it would be an interesting way for you to "play" as Maximilien. Even if they brought the voice actor in to do the lines specific to Zenyatta.

1. Maximilien Will Be Introduced as a Playable Character

Maximilien would be a surprising cast member to the game. It's not known whether he is a fighter of any kind, but it would be nice to have another Omnic character that was the polar opposite of Zenyatta. He could provide a nice contrast to the series and give us a completely different style of character.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard