Overwatch May 27 Update Nerfs McCree, Buffs Reaper and Moira

McCree is receiving several nerfs in this new update
McCree is receiving several nerfs in this new update / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new Overwatch update on May 27 that has gone live on all platforms: PC, Xbox One and Switch. Some of these changes include hoped-for nerfs to McCree as well as buffs to Reaper and Moira.

McCree has been a borderline suffocating force in the game as well as in the Overwatch League and after his time in the limelight, Blizzard devs have finally decided to give him a look: nerfing both his reload time and the range of his roll.

By virtue of his longer reload, the amount of damage McCree can output in a certain amount of time will also be nerfed. Add the fact that his roll range has been reduced, he will now not only be able to output less damage but will not be able to get away as easily.

McCree is not the only hero to get the nerf bat, as Baptiste is also getting a slight nerf. His Exo Boots will now be at a one-second charge time to jump. This leaves the hero more vulnerable. Although not the change many had wanted — many were begging for devs to look at his Immortality Field — it’s still a step in the right direction in nerfing a support that has a borderline overwhelming kit.

It’s not all bad news though, as Moira’s healing got yet another buff, letting her resource recharge three times as fast when her Coalescence ultimate is active. This possibly indicates that the devs have abandoned any possible utility for the hero and have gone straight for her healing output.

To go with Moira’s buff, Reaper is getting his own. He has received a formidable buff to his life steal, going back up to 35%. For every 100 damage Reaper deals, he’ll regain 35 HP. The devs also stated that changes to his shotgun range made this buff a necessary adjustment, bringing him back to where he once was. 

There was also an unexpected change to Zarya, particularly with her Particular Cannon. Damage scaling has been tinkered with, making her slightly weaker. This was due to her strong pairing with Reinhardt and the Duble Bubble composition with Winston.

For more information, and Experimental Patches you can visit the full patch notes here