Overwatch McCree Buffe Enters Overwatch PTR Patch

McCree received buffs in Friday's Overwatch PTR patch
McCree received buffs in Friday's Overwatch PTR patch / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch McCree buffs went live Thursday in the latest Public Test Realm patch.

Overwatch McCree Buff Added in PTR Patch

McCree's aim no longer locks when he triggers his ultimate, Deadeye. This allows players to pull off dramatic, 360 degree turns as the shots ring out, killing enemies in every direction instead of just in front of the ex-Overwatch cowboy.

That change in particular has provoked a reaction from fans because of its flashy nature. It may allow Deadeye, an easily countered ultimate, some new avenue of utility previously unavailable.

McCree also received a health pool increase from 200 to 250, making him one of only a handful of damage heroes to sport more than 200 HP. The other damage heroes with more than 200 HP are Doomfist, Bastion, Mei, Reaper and Torbjörn.

To counteract these buffs, Blizzard upped the recovery time between Peacekeeper shots from 0.42 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

McCree's changes arrive alongside nerfs for Hanzo, Reaper, Orisa, Sigma and Baptiste.