Overwatch Mei skin was leaked Monday night ahead of the Overwatch Anniversary event.

Overwatch Anniversary is a seasonal event during a calendar year in which Blizzard celebrates the game's birthday. As with every Overwatch event, new skins are announced and old skins are brought back. Skin announcements are starting to ramp up and so are the leaks.

Here's everything you need to know about the leaked Overwatch Anniversary Mei skin.

Overwatch Mei Skin: New Overwatch Anniversary Skin Leaked

Mei's new skin doesn't have a name yet, but fans are excited to pick it up if it gets released. Two other skins have been announced for the event, including a Gargoyle Winston and Academy D.Va.

Overwatch Anniversary is scheduled to start Tuesday. As more skins are announced for the springtime event, check back here.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard