Overwatch MM-Mei Skin Revealed for OWL May Melee

OWL's new skin, MM-Mei
OWL's new skin, MM-Mei / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch reveals MM-Mei skin as a tribute for the OWL May Melee tournament.

From May 6-8, the top four teams from the OWL will compete in the May Melee tournament. Two teams from the East and two teams from the West will take part.

The OWL’s 2021 season began on April 16 and the May Melee tournament will be the first of four tournaments on the road to playoffs. The second tournament, the June Joust, begins on June 11. The third, Summer Showdown, will begin on July 16. And the fourth and last, Countdown Cup, will be held on Aug. 20.

The tournament will adopt a new scoring system with each tournament giving points based on first, second and third place. Points are required in order to qualify for players later in the season.

Overwatch Reveals MM-Mei Skin for OWL May Melee

Overwatch revealed a brand new Mei skin: MM-Mei. This was to commemorate the upcoming tournament beginning next week.

The MM-Mei legendary skin will be available now up until May 11 for the price of 200 League Tokens. League tokens can be obtained by watching live OWL broadcasts. Viewers can link their YouTube accounts with their Battle.net in order to begin obtaining tokens.