Overwatch Molten Core Best Heroes

Overwatch Molten Core best heroes to get the job done
Overwatch Molten Core best heroes to get the job done / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch Molten Core best heroes to get the job done are less up in the air than previous archives missions. You'll need to earn your wings to complete this Uprising challenge.

Molten Core is one challenge that has a near insurmountable special circumstance. Most challenges within the Archives events have a few different combinations that can result in the best outcome. This Uprising task, however, prioritizes an extremely small skillset: staying off the ground. As you destroy enemies, they will explode into pools of molten lava that cause massive damage when touched. Your goal is to stay off the floor all together as to not be injured.

Overwatch Molten Core Best Heroes

As mentioned before, there are only a few heroes that can stay off the ground. You're looking for just about anyone who can fly, can sustain flight, or even hover for a few moments. As the lava pools, you'll find your space to maneuver shrinking rapidly if you remain on the ground.

Mercy makes the best support. After all, she can fly while healing you and your teammates. Moira can also work here as her Fade ability lets her pass through the molten lava unscathed when timed correctly.

Lucio can scale walls so he is also viable. However, support players will need to be careful where they land and the direction they point their skates.

Other heroes that work well here are Pharah, who is known for being in the air since her ultimate is entirely aerial, and D.va. Damage players will likely adore D.va's Self-Destruct as it can take out multiple enemies in one sweep. Hopefully, that can provided a much-needed break between waves and keep the area of damage contained to one spot.