Overwatch Monopoly Coming in June

Overwatch Monopoly is on its way to store in June, and it's more than just a classic Monopoly re-skin. Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming board game.

Overwatch Monopoly Coming in June

Monopoly Gamer: Overwatch Collector’s Edition was revealed at the New York Toy Fair in 2019. The game lets Overwatch players bring the action of the video game to tabletops, where they will take over objectives and collect loot boxes in their quest to control the board.

According to publisher Hasbro, players will draft a team of three, including a group leader, and battle for high scores to win. The game includes six group leader cards, 16 objective cards, nine loot box cards, four reminder cards, one numbered die, one ability die, 90 plastic HP chips, a premium box, a Game Guide, and six character tokens modeled after Tracer, Mercy, Lúcio, Reaper, D.Va and Winston.

The board game is available for pre-order from GameStop for $49.99, where the release date is listed for June 15.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard