Overwatch Communication Wheel: New Commands Explained

Overwatch's new communication wheel explained.
Overwatch's new communication wheel explained. | Image courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch has new communication wheel options to be explained. In patch 1.48, which brought the Overwatch Anniversary event to the game, the new communication wheel options were brought over from the PTR.

Overwatch New Communication Wheel Explained

The changes to the communication wheel are relatively simple. Now, all of the existing options like Hello, Ultimate Status, Thanks, and Group Up can be rearranged or swapped for one of the many new communication options.

There are now a total of 26 total options for communications. There were only eight before the update. The communication wheel has a limit of eight still, but it is technically possible to keybind all 26 options.

Overwatch Communication Wheel Options

  • Go
  • Going In
  • Goodbye
  • Incoming
  • Need Help
  • No
  • On My Way
  • Press the Attack
  • Push Forward
  • Ready
  • Sorry
  • With You
  • Yes
  • You Are Welcome
  • Fall Back
  • Defending
  • Countdown
  • Attacking

Some of the new communications might seem familiar. Many of them have been available for various heroes as voice lines or as the voice lines for different abilities. For example, Mei already had a sorry voice line, Mercy sometimes said I'm With You when she flew to allies, and Mercy had a You're Welcome voice line.