Overwatch Next Hero: The 3 Best Candidates for Overwatch Hero 32

Sigma was announced as Hero 31 last July, but what does Blizzard have in store for Hero 32?
Sigma was announced as Hero 31 last July, but what does Blizzard have in store for Hero 32? / Blizzard

The next Overwatch hero is always on the minds of the game's players. The announcement of Sigma as the next new hero to enter Overwatch came as a surprise to many fans of the game. With the announcement of another new hero on the horizon, here are the three best candidates for Hero 32.

Overwatch Next Hero: Candidates for Overwatch Hero 32

1. Mauga

With Mauga, the question isn't if he'll join Overwatch, but when. Mauga was teased all the way back in July 2019 and was initially supposed to be released as Hero 31, according to game director Jeff Kaplan. However, the barrier tank kit initially designed for Mauga didn't fit the hero's personality and was ultimately modified and given to Sigma.

Mauga's big dumb brute facade could make for an incredibly interesting kit, and his relationship with Baptiste could make for some interesting in-game interactions. With Mauga already on the mind of the design team, it's likely he could be the next hero to join Overwatch.

2. Echo

Echo is another strong candidate to be Hero 32. She's been teased a few times, with ESPN even releasing and retracting a report that she would be Hero 32. Moreover, McCree drops a hint in the Reunion short that it's Echo who Overwatch really needs.

Just like with Mauga, Echo will most likely be coming to Overwatch in the future and coming in as Hero 32 seems like a perfect fit.

3. Junker Queen

Ever since fans first caught a glimpse of the Junker Queen poster, she's been a candidate for the next new hero in Overwatch. This time, however, there seems to be more hype than ever around the vicious leader of the Junkers. New fan art, along with various ability and hero concepts, all are signs of immense community support for the Junker Queen as Hero 32.

However, the Junker Queen's fan art and concepts are just that: fan based. It may be a while before the Junker Queen makes her debut on Overwatch, but with Blizzard, it's hard to tell.