Overwatch Nintendo Switch Release Date

Overwatch Nintendo Switch Release Date will be Oct. 15. The Switch version of Overwatch will not have a physical release; it will be download only but will come bundled with a three month Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Overwatch Nintendo Switch Release Date

The release will be the Legendary edition, coming with five Legendary, five Epic and the five Origin edition Skins. Pre-purchasing will net you the Widowmaker Noire skin, and if you purchase by the end of 2019 you'll also get a Golden Loot Box with a guaranteed Legendary item.

Epic Skins
Epic Skins /
Legendary Skins
Legendary Skins /
Origin Skins
Origin Skins /

Overwatch on Switch will be limited by the hardware, running at only 30fps. There will also be motion controls that you can enable (because Nintendo). Splatoon pros will be right at home.

The three months of Switch online will also allow you to play a catalog of classic NES and SNES games, which you should take advantage of if you can.

Overwatch releases for the Nintendo Switch Oct. 15. You can pre-purchase it on the eShop now.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard.