Overwatch Paint Hits Live Servers From Overwatch Workshop Creator DarwinStreams

Overwatch Paint is now available on live servers.
Overwatch Paint is now available on live servers.

Overwatch Workshop master DarwinStreams has finally brought his Overwatch Paint to live servers.

The mode allows players to paint on the surfaces of Overwatch's various maps. In total there are 128 effects players can use to express themselves using primary fire as their painting command.

Crouch and jump adjust brush size down and up, ability one undoes the last change, ultimate is used to erase all effects, and interact teleports the player in the direction they're facing.

In addition to the features from the previous version, Darwin has added a white color and refined the ultimate erase to only erase the player's drawing, rather than all the drawings by all players on the map.

Players can try out the new mode with the code T6B26, or check it out on Reddit.

Paint is the latest in a long line of creative Overwatch Workshop modes Darwin has created, following in the footsteps of Lúcio Pro Skater and Sprint Racing.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard