Overwatch Patch 2.87 Biggest Takeaways

Echo's Duplicate gave her more than just Winston's abilities.
Echo's Duplicate gave her more than just Winston's abilities. / Courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch Update 2.87 went live Tuesday with little fanfare, though it fixed some important bugs among the game's heroes. Here's everything you need to know from the April 21 update:

Overwatch Update 2.87 Fixes D.Va, Echo, Tracer bugs.

D.Va had a bug that caused her mech to spawn into the game backwards and she could eject the wrong way out of the mech when using her ultimate or when her mech was destroyed. Ejecting the wrong way could very easily have gotten her killed without the player doing anything wrong.

Echo had a number of bugs resolved now that she has been playable for a full week. Echo's voice lines were an issue when using Duplicate on D.Va and Winston. As Winston, Echo would often use his voice after using Primal Rage, but as D.Va she would often not use any voice lines at all. That wasn't the end of her problems when Duplicating D.Va because she wouldn't respect D.Va's Toggle Booster option either, which means she couldn't control the duration of the ability.

Echo had another smaller change in Capture the Flag, where she would drop the flag after Duplicate ended. That was a particularly frustrating bug that makes getting the flag the rest of the way more difficult and take more time.

Tracer had a disorienting bug fixed that could cause her to blink to an unintended location near Point A on Hollywood.

There were smaller bugs that didn't effect gameplay that got fixed. Junkrat got a bug fixed that made his accuracy falsely show as 100%, which brings a whole new meaning to "no aim, no brain, Junkrat main." Baptiste had an issue that was resolved where his Immortality Field would look very large in his highlight intros.

The last bug fix this patch was to the Workshop where a player's location could be incorrect when queried.