Overwatch Patch Notes: All the Hero Changes From the June 18 Update

Overwatch patch notes released Tuesday explain the changes now released for McCree, D.Va and more.
Overwatch patch notes released Tuesday explain the changes now released for McCree, D.Va and more. /

Overwatch patch notes for the latest update were released alongside the patch itself Tuesday.

Patch brings plenty of new features to the game, but it also makes several adjustments to the game's heroes. Read about them here.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Baptiste Magazine Size Increase and Amplification Matrix Buff

Baptiste's Biotic Launcher had its heal ammo capacity increased from 10 to 12 to prevent his reloading too often. His Amplification Matrix also received a buff, lasting 10 seconds instead of eight.

Overwatch Patch Notes: McCree Fire Rate Increase

Per Blizzard, McCree's average damage output wasn't making up for his lack of mobility and utility. As a result, the developer decreased his primary fire recover from 0.5 seconds to 0.42, raising his damage output without changing the number of shots to kill an enemy.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Defense Matrix Range Nerf

Potentially as a corrective to the current meta, Blizzard has dropped the range on Defense Matrix from 15 meters to 10. This will reduce its ability to eat up fight-deciding ultimates, including the Zarya Graviton Surge that often makes the difference in GOATS fights.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Orisa Protective Barrier Deployment Change

Orisa was afflicted by one of the longest reloads in the game, and previously was forced to restart it if she tried to place a Protective Barrier during the animation. Now she can reload and place a barrier without one interrupting the other.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Symmetra Teleporter Range Increase

Symmetra continues without a place in the meta, and Blizzard's answer to that is, apparently, to increase the range at which she can interact with her Teleporter from one meter to 1.5 This will prevent her from creating a Teleporter she was unable to interact with without moving.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Torbjörn Rivet Gun Nerf

Torbjörn's Rivet Gun secondary fire is devastating at close range. When combined with the increased survivability from his Overload ability, the weapon felt oppressive. Blizzard has dropped the damage per pellet from 12.5 to 10.5 to compensate.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard