Overwatch Patch Notes: Storm Rising Event Goes Live

Overwatch patch notes were released Tuesday to coincide with the release of the annual Overwatch Archives event. This year's event, titled Storm Rising, focuses on fan favorite characters chasing down Talon associate Maximilien.

Here's everything you need to know about the Overwatch Storm Rising seasonal event.

Overwatch Patch Notes: Storm Rising

Overwatch Archives is a seasonal event in which players get to travel back in time and experience important moments in the game's lore. Previously, Blizzard has taken players to King's Row during the omnic uprising and to Rialto to fight off Talon.

"Experience a decisive moment in Overwatch’s history during the Overwatch Archives event! Get ready to travel back in time and visit beautiful Havana, Cuba where Overwatch agents are hot on the trail of the notorious businessman and Talon associate Maximilien. Team up with your friends to capture and interrogate Maximilien—whose knowledge could shape the future of Overwatch. Relive the action of previous Archives events, where you’ll fight off hordes of Talon agents while escaping Rialto and stop an Omnic insurrection in King’s Row. You’ll earn Archives Loot Boxes as you play, unlocking cosmetics from Overwatch’s past, including Legendary skins like Deadlock McCree, Scientist Moira, Talon Baptiste, Socialite Ashe, and many more," Blizzard said in the patch notes

For a full list of skins available in Overwatch Storm Rising, click here. Overwatch Storm Rising runs April 16 through May 6 on all platforms.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment