Overwatch PC vs. Console Experiment Shows Value of Full Team

"3 pros vs 6 console players, who would win?"
"3 pros vs 6 console players, who would win?" / Image courtesy of Blizzard

The Overwatch League's very own San Francisco Shock is back it again with the content, this time pitting three pro players on PC against six amateurs on console to see who would prevail in some custom games.

Ultimately, it seems things didn't go quite as planned.

Overwatch PC vs. Console Experiment Shows Value of Full Team

The YouTube video starts with SF Shock content creator Jeff "emongg" Anderson and DPS Samuel "s9mm" Santos, fresh custom keyboards in hand, trying to take on the full team of invited Shockwave community silver-to-diamond players while attacking on Route 66.

After several minutes and team comp refreshes, however, the two conceded defeat after failing to get the Payload simply past the map's first corner.

As such, emongg and s9mm brought a third pro player into the mix in Florida Mayhem's T500 tank Flats.

With a trio of Ana, Baptiste and Reinhardt, the PC players not only got past the first corner, but advanced right up to the final point before losing out in overtime.

"Okay, that's pretty good," s9mm said. "That should honestly be good enough."

Unfortunately, it did not turn out to be good enough as the full console team ended up winning the map with over two minutes left to spare.

Down 1-0 in the series, emongg, s9mm and Flats loaded into Lijiang Tower.

After dropping the first map, the PC players were able to force a third and final round, but eventually blew an early lead to lose by 1% of control time.

"They have more teamwork than in our ranked games!" emongg exclaimed.

"Honestly, they just keep taking away my abilities and once I have no heal I'm just screwed." Flats said.

Ultimately, although console players aren't able to play those on PC (via cross-play) in Competitive queue, this video light-heartedly showed that teamwork trumps platform and input methods.