Overwatch Placement Matches: 5 Tips for Starting the Season Strong

Overwatch placement matches have begun anew
Overwatch placement matches have begun anew / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch placement matches for Season 20 kicked off Thursday, which means players are looking for a leg up on their opponents with renewed vigor. Whether you're a veteran from the Overwatch beta or new to the game, here are five tips that will positively affect your experience in Overwatch's competitive mode.

Overwatch Placement Matches: 5 Tips for Starting the Season Strong

1. Read About the Meta

It may not be necessary to know every intricacy of Overwatch's meta game, having some understanding of what teams the community is running, and why they work, will serve you well as you join the fight yourself. This will help you know what your role should be in any given match, and allow you to understand how to counter what your enemies throw at you.

To start, you can learn which maps are in the rotation for this season here.

2. Stay Flexible

Role queue narrowed the scope of necessary flexibility, but the skill remains an important one. Even within a particular role, knowing when to try a different tack — or, in this case, hero — can make all the difference in a losing game.

3. Communicate with Teammates

Overwatch is a team game. That may seem obvious, but players pour into competitive every day with the stubborn insistence that they be the heroes of their game. Rather than fritter away your time pretending your teammates don't exist, communicate with them. Coordination will crush raw skill more often than not.

4. Stay Positive

Playing ranked means losing games. This is inevitable — even the best players in the world lose games. What separates them from the rest of us (excluding their incredible skill) is their ability to take the loss and stay focused. Don't let the losses or the trolls get to you. You'll be surprised how much your positivity will affect that of your teammates, and in turn how much it will contribute to your team's success.

5. Take Breaks

No one can be positive all the time. Hot streaks don't last forever. If you feel your focus slipping, don't be afraid to take a step away from the game. Go eat some food, watch an episode of something, stretch your wrists; anything to take your mind off the game for a while. Your mind, your body and your SR will thank you.