Overwatch Player Breaks it Down With Lucio

Lucio breaks it all the way down to the bottom of King's Row
Lucio breaks it all the way down to the bottom of King's Row | Courtesy of Blizzard

Lucio, ever since Overwatch's launch, has created amazing highlights and montages that showcase movement and outside-the-box thinking rather than flashy shooting or quintuple kills. How can a player get the right angle to knock important enemies off the map, or how can they dance around the objective avoiding enemy projectiles?

A good Lucio is always valuable to a team comp as they provide consistent healing and they're hard to kill, so if a team's Lucio can't be killed, they'll keep getting healed. And just in case Lucio's about to die, his ultimate will solve all those problems giving 750 hp of temporary shields.

Overwatch Player Breaks it Down With Lucio

MisterR0b0t0 posted the clip on Reddit showing an impressive Lucio play. On the map King's Row, near the last escort checkpoint, MisterR0b0t0 gets low baiting the Roadhog out of hiding and sees the beginnings of a team fight starting. The player triggers Lucio's Sound Barrier which launches him just a bit in the air and affects the area where Lucio lands.

Unfortunately, King's Row gets a little narrow at the end and Lucio never lands. The ultimate is activated, and as Lucio retreats to cover from the Roadhog, he falls off the map entirely.

A wasted ultimate turns into an enjoyable clip the world can chuckle at. Lucioball's namesake game also results in some hilarious clips like this one with six Wrecking Balls.