Overwatch Player Decimates Enemy Team with Sneaky Junkrat Ultimate

A well used RIP-Tire tears through the enemy team.
A well used RIP-Tire tears through the enemy team. / Photo by wikibroyo

An Overwatch player sneaks around the enemy team and wipes them all out for the win as Junkrat.

Going off on your own and leaving your team in a fight is almost never recommended, but there is some glory to be had if you play your cards right.

Overwatch Player Decimates Enemies with Sneaky Junkrat Ultimate

In a clip posted to r/Overwatch, u/wikibroyo carefully sneaks around the enemy in the last objective on Eichenwald. The castle is notorious for extremely grindy battles, and skirmishes here are dreaded for how long they can last.

Not for wikibroyo. As Junkrat, they carefully sneak around the enemy through the castle corridors. After quickly dispatching the enemy Ana from behind, wikibroyo strolls up behind the enemy team and pops a RIP-Tire, immediately taking out the enemy Tracer, Brigitte and Orisa.

The enemy Tracer attempts to Blink away and Brigitte tries to put up her shield, but the tire explodes behind them.

The enemy Reaper, sensing danger, immediately Wraith Forms back to the payload to challenge the objective. Wikibroyo quickly removes Reaper from the equation as he leaves the invulnerability period, allowing the final push in for the win.

The clip shows wikibroyo single handedly taking out five enemies, finishing the game with a kill streak of 11.