Overwatch Player Designs Mercy ‘Jingle’ Winter Wonderland Event Skin

Photo of Mercy and Pharah (Overwatch)
Photo of Mercy and Pharah (Overwatch) / Photo via Overwatch / Blizzard

Overwatch fans are some of the most creative artists in gaming culture, and this Overwatch Player proves it with their original Mercy skin design for the upcoming Winter Wonderland Event.

Mercy is one of Overwatch’s signature heroes, providing reliable support since the game’s 2016 release. However, she has only ever received two Winter Wonderland skins in the event's history: the Sugar Plum Fairy & Snow Angel skins.

This Overwatch fan, user Bunny_Art_ on Reddit, decided to take matters into their own hands and design their own skin for Mercy, using Mercy’s in-game skins to get the right pose. Mercy sports a set of Christmas-themed stockings and a red and green cloak similar to Santa's. The user made the entire skin digitally, and other members of the Overwatch community have praised it as an "absolutely beautiful" skin.

Not much has been revealed by Epic Games about the upcoming Winter Wonderland event in Overwatch, or if we will get any skins for Mercy similar to this one, but here's to hoping that a developer sees this as inspiration for the Hero. We'll have to wait until sometime in mid-December for more news on the event, so stay tuned.