Overwatch Player Finds Game-Breaking Flank Route on Dorado

Overwatch player Andygmb has found perhaps the craziest flank you will ever see on the map Dorado. It involves Symmetra, Mei, and a top secret exploit on the map.

The Mei-Sym Dorado Flank

Typically, players follow the glowing arrows to go from the defenders' spawn to the first point of Dorado. But Irish Overwatch player Andygmb has found another, more unconventional route that allows the defenders to attack the opposing team from behind.

In a nutshell, the flank will allow the defenders to pop up on the orange building right outside of the attacking team's spawn. To pull off this feat get a Mei and Symmetra to the top of the stairs right outside of the attacker's last spawn.

Now here comes the tricky part. Both players must jump off the top of the stairs into the cliffs of Dorado, but Mei must find the exact spot to create an Ice Wall. Once the Ice Wall is up, Symmetra will have a limited time to set her Teleporter up on the orange building. Then both players take the teleporter to surprise any unaware enemies on the high ground or pushing the payload. The full flank can be seen here.

Clearly, it requires practice, and a bit of luck, to get everything lined up perfectly. But with time, one could teleport even more of their team than just the Mei and Symmetra to the orange high ground. However, Blizzard should have spotted this exploit by now and moved to patch it, so try it out while you still can!

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment