Overwatch Player Makes 'Stylish' Trickshot Kill in Lieu of New Content

Are trickshots the new trend in Overwatch? The answer could be: "yes."
Are trickshots the new trend in Overwatch? The answer could be: "yes." / Blizzard Entertainment

Are trickshots the new trend in Overwatch? According to a post from one player on the official subreddit board, the answer could be: "yes."

UK Reddit user and Overwatch YouTube content creator, McMagicMarv, recently uploaded a compilation of a few "stylish" kills they made while playing Lucio. The 30-second clip was just a single highlight from an over three-minute video on their corresponding YouTube channel. Both were uploaded yesterday, March 5, and have received a number of positive responses.

"With no content there is nothing to do," they wrote, "except for trying to get the most unnecessary stylish kills possible."

According to Marv, most of these were accomplished using emotes paired with Lucio's high mobility.

"You can emote while wall riding as Lucio. You can use the wheel but it is easier if you bind an emote to a key." He wrote in his YouTube video description.

Other players were thrilled and impressed by the upload—evidenced by the Reddit post's 97% upvote rate at the time of writing.

"Now there's styling on them," user Fireboy759 wrote, "And there's styling on them."

GoatsGoats00 wrote, "Im over level 2300 with most hours being on lucio and i didnt know this. Its such a huge flex. Im impressed and enthralled."

"Gotta be god level satisfactions from those kills," grizwa wrote.

Given the popularity this post has garnered, could fans be turning to their own concepts of entertainment to amuse themselves in-game? Could the Overwatch community have found a new way to challenge themselves during the seemingly never-ending wait for Overwatch 2?