Overwatch Player Nails Long Distance Graviton Surge

This Overwatch player called their shot and landed it perfectly
This Overwatch player called their shot and landed it perfectly / Courtesy of Blizzard

Despite being one of the most powerful ultimates in Overwatch, Zarya's Graviton Surge must be used with absolute precision to achieve its desired result. Without a strong team collapse to back it up, the ability can feel like a black hole of wasted potential.

This clip, posted to the Overwatch subreddit Sunday by u/OGNatan, shows what a little reckless abandon can accomplish when dropping Gravs. The video begins with OGNatan, who goes by FATAL in-game, stuck outside of first point King's Row with a fully charged ultimate and mere seconds left in the game.

"All right, watch this Grav," he says before launching the ability straight up into the sky. "It's going to be on point in abut four seconds," he says as he and his team circle right around the statue of Mondatta. As soon as he rounds the corner to see the point, the Grav lands on the point and grabs nearly every enemy player.

OGNatan's team, seeing the Grav's success, shout in excitement. "It's huge!" says one as they all pound the trapped enemies with attacks. OGNatan's team wipes the defenders, winning the point at the last second.

The chat lights up with players impressed by the play.

"u wot???" wrote one player.

"Nice one jeez," wrote another. "That was hot," wrote a third as OGNatan's team laughed maniacally at the sheer guts of the play.