Overwatch Player Recreates Wii Sports Bowling in the Overwatch Workshop

The Overwatch Workshop once again has impressed the masses with its endless levels of creative ability.

Overwatch Reddit contributor u/andygmb showcased the "Ten Torbjörn Bowling" Workshop mode. Created by andygmb and Lym, it is a spin-off/re-creation of the cult classic Wii Sports bowling mode. Except instead of traditional bowling with Nintendo's Miis, it's been given the Overwatch spin.

Here's everything you need to know about the Ten Torbjörn Bowling Overwatch Workshop mode.

The Overwatch Workshop mode has been given a complete Wii overhaul to appear as the original console's home screen did. Then, once loading up the "OverSports" game, other modes such as tennis, baseball, golf and boxing can be seen. Just like the original game.

Bowling features players controlling a Lucio as they boop a Wrecking Ball in ball form down the lane. The lane being the final stretch of Numbani. The pins are Torbjörns and the game is coded to recognize results from bowling frames. Truly another remarkable piece of work and a prime example of the Workshop's capabilities.

For those wanting to try the mode out, the code is Y6VRT.

Photo courtesy of andygmb and Lym