Overwatch Player Shows Off Advanced Lucio Trick

Overwatch Advance Trick from Lucio
Overwatch Advance Trick from Lucio / Photo courtesy by Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player showed off an advanced trick using his ultimate.

A new trick was discovered that allows Lucio to blindside the enemy by making them think the player had wasted their Sound Barrier before striking back with a counterattack.

Sound Barrier is one of the best defensive ultimate from the support heroes in the game, providing allies temporary shields within a large radius. Lucio's ultimate ability does have its pros and cons, giving the team the confidence it needs to take over objectives, but shields getting depleted quickly after taking damage.

Another flaw is Lucio's voice line "let's break it down," which lets enemies know when he is using the ultimate ability. This gives the enemy team a chance to decide to advance in or not. Fortunately, streamer McMagicMarv has come across a cool trick that allows Lucio to stall his Sound Barrier in the air.

The Lucio Trick is similar to Reinhardt's ultimate ability, Earthshatter, and delay it mid-air. As shown on the YouTube video, when Lucio is in the special wall bounce spot, which makes the hero move every four seconds, it will allow the ability to activate whenever players touchdown onto the floor after the animation is complete. This will allow enemies to think Lucio's ability is wasted and push in afterward.