Overwatch Player Shuts Down a Junkrat Trying to Escape

It was just one of those "hang your head in disappointment" moments.

Overwatch players can all relate to the frustration Sombra can cause in a game. Her ability to hack and silence enemies with her abilities causes disarray and panic against enemy teams. Especially when players are trying to flee the scene.

Check out this clip from Reddit user weebiestweeb420.

Overwatch Player Shuts Down a Junkrat Trying to Escape

The Reddit user is on Sombra wandering around Point A on Hanamura. On defense, one would expect a Sombra player to roam around and cause havoc.

The Sombra player manages to find an enemy Junkrat rocking the new Inferno skin trying to go around the left side. Obviously, for a character like Junkrat, secondary measures are needed to cross the game. In Junkrat's case, it's by using his mines the make the jump.

What ends up happening is something most can relate to. Junkrat places down the mine to jump, but ends up getting hacked and falls off the map.

Better luck next time.

Photo courtesy of u/weebiestweeb420