Overwatch Player Trades a Roadhog for a Roadhog

Would you trade a Roadhog for a Roadhog?
Would you trade a Roadhog for a Roadhog? / Image courtesy of Blizzard

In a video posted on Reddit, a Roadhog trades his life for the life of another Roadhog. The Roadhog is pushed off the map by an enemy roadhog using their ultimate, but hooks them in time for them both to plummet to their deaths.

The video was posted on the Overwatch subreddit with the title, "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me," by u/Cheddarface. Many people commented about how lucky the hook was and how it was probably at its maximum range. Although, that's not entirely true.

The distance between the two Roadhog's when the hook drags them together is meaningless because of a quirk in how the ability works. The hook either misses or lands based on where you cast it from. The falling Roadhog started the ability when they were much closer together. Roadhog's ultimate ability, Whole Hog, has so much knockback that the falling Roadhog is pushed very far while the hook is activating. The amount of knockback in Roadhog's ultimate was even increased by 20 percent in a recent update.