Overwatch Players Ask Blizzard to Add Reinhardt 'Thor' Skin to Game

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players on Reddit, r/Overwatch, have been asking Blizzard Entertainment to add a fan skin idea for Reinhardt to the game. u/Soft_Realistic uploaded a fan art creation of Reinhardt in a Thor skin, catching the attention of several Overwatch players in the community. Players have been discussing how perfect the Thor skin fits not only his physical appearance, but his lore and background as well.

The original fan art was created by @Xtremee_Ghost on Twitter who specializes in creating mash-up art. @Xtremee_Ghost has also created several different Overwatch characters in Marvel and X-Men "skins." The artist has been highly complimented by fans for their way of combining video game characters with the perfect comic book character.

This post has sparked a conversation amongst players, many of them wanting more skins for their characters in Overwatch. Overwatch currently has 343 skins in the game, with 211 of the skins being unable to obtain in normal loot boxes. This would require players to purchase these skins as they will be unable to obtain them through the game alone.

Players have also expressed on Reddit that they believe Overwatch should have more crossovers with popular TV shows or movies which could bring more players into the game. Overwatch has been out for almost six years now, and is arguably beginning to lose its popularity. By adding new and exciting crossovers to the game, players believe the game could once again rise in popularity.

Even if the Thor skin is not added to Overwatch, players continue to hope that Blizzard will add new content and fun skins to the game. As Overwatch is still widely played around the world, players are excited to see what 2022 will bring.