Overwatch Players Discovered How to Emote in Mid-Air

Yes, Winston is sitting down in mid-air
Yes, Winston is sitting down in mid-air / Photo courtesy of Youtube and Reddit user McMagicMarv

While Overwatch is known for many things, using emotes to troll enemies is one of the biggest. Players have taken that trolling to a whole other level by discovering perhaps introducing the greatest form of disrespect Overwatch has seen: emoting in mid-air.

The process has been dubbed the "emote jump" and seems to be limited to three characters: Junkrat, Pharah, and Winston. It is worth noting that players claim this can be done using other characters as well, they just have to be falling off a ledge instead of jumping. This article will focus solely on the emote jump.

The emote jump quickly soared to the top of the Overwatch subreddit over the patch few days after u/McMagicMarv posted a highlight video of them using the emote jump in public matches. Is it a bug? A new game mechanic? Nobody knows, all they know is that it's entertaining.

McMagicMarv's clip showcases multiple different emotes being used by Junkrat, Pharah, and Winston in mid-air much to the confusion and possible humor of fellow players. The variety of emotes used in McMagivMarv's highlight suggests that the emote jump does not restrict players to a handful of emotes. Unfortunately, the emote jump does come with a couple of other restrictions:

McMagicMarv also uploaded a much longer video to YouTube with much more instances of using the emote jump against enemies along with a tutorial of how to do it. The video notes the requirement of emoting by using a keybind. Consequently, this means that a keyboard is required and console players will not be able to enjoy using this mechanic in their matches.

The video notes the keybind must be pressed immediately after jumping using Junkrat's concussion mine, Pharah's jump pack, or Winston's leap. If players click their emote keybind in quick enough succession then they should see their hero emoting in mid-air as they fall back to the ground.

It is unknown if the emote jump is here to stay or if it will subsequently be removed. At least for now, players with a keyboard can explore the possibilities and troll their friends or random players, the choice is theirs.