Overwatch Players Find New Counter Trick with Certain Heroes

Overwatch Players find New Counter Trick with Bridgitte and Pharah
Overwatch Players find New Counter Trick with Bridgitte and Pharah / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Players discover a brand new counter using Bridgitte against enemy Pharah and Echo.

An enemy Pharah and Echo in the sky is hard to counter when players do not select the correct hero to go against. With Pharah using her jetpack and raining down rockets on opponents it causes chaos and confusion when people do not look up; also Echo shooting at you from a different angle.

Trick Jump

In the subreddit Competitive Overwatch, a Reddit user named Stickyyo discovered the trick. On the map of Ilios, the player using Bridgitte activated shield bash ability to jump across from one roof to another and quickly swung her rocket flail. Combining the two techniques quickly allows the hero to catch a few seconds of air time; allowing the character to fly from one location to the next.

Reddit commentators are excited and surprised by the game footage, "I'm upvoting this in the hopes an OWL player watches this and does it in an OWL match in 2 weeks " Reddit user, Champz97 comments. This positions the ground hero to attack Pharah and Echo mains away from strategic locations of the map. This just adds to the other list of heroes like Doomfist and Moira's fade jump to counter characters that fly.