Overwatch Players Have Impromptu Genji Dance Party

Sudden Genji Dance Party with perfectly lined up emotes.
Sudden Genji Dance Party with perfectly lined up emotes. / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch is full of fun moments mixed in with a clearly competitive atmosphere. There is an in-game piano to play Star Wars music on and an array of arcade modes. But sometimes players just need a moment to have a dance party while waiting for a competitive match to start. All the practice needed comes in the form of clicking the dance emote button at the perfect moment.

Dance emotes are a longstanding tradition in Overwatch. They started as an unlockable emote on most characters from the Overwatch Anniversary event, but players have been doing creative things with them ever since. One creative video even used the dance emotes to make an Overwatch Cha Cha Slide video. Even the voice actors for the heroes got in on the action by trying to replicate the dances.

Some Genji players are able to carefully calculate how to jump off the map and kill a Pharah while still being able to climb back up while others can dance. Overwatch is truly a game with something for everyone.