Overwatch Players Instantly Fail Rollout

These Overwatch players failed their rollouts spectacularly
These Overwatch players failed their rollouts spectacularly | Blizzard Entertainment, via u/fizzy92

Sometimes the little things are the hardest. This Overwatch clip makes that truth abundantly clear.

Posted to the Overwatch subreddit Monday by u/fizzy92, the clip purports to show the beginning of a competitive match in the Bronze division — the lowest rank in Overwatch. The attacking team runs out of its spawn room on Volskaya Industries, and most of its members head to the main choke point.

Two players decide to split off from the group, endeavoring to make their way around the flank to catch the enemy team unawares. First to attempt the gap is a Lúcio, whose wall-riding abilities make the flank all but trivial. Just behind him is a Hanzo, for whom the flank is significantly trickier.

Lúcio is the first to fall, bouncing off the corner he meant to jump around and dropping unceremoniously into the icy water below. Hanzo lasts just a moment longer, climbing up high and double-jumping toward the other ledge and falling just short of the end, leaving their team down two players at match start.

It's hard to imagine a less promising beginning to an Overwatch.