Overwatch Players React to Bizarre Play of the Game

This post-match Firestrike earned a Play of the Game.
This post-match Firestrike earned a Play of the Game. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

A Play of the Game clip posted to the Overwatch subreddit has players scratching their heads over the system.

Overwatch's Play of the Game system has long confused players with what it deems most important in a match. While it often awards Play of the Game to flashy multi-kills, it will occasionally pick moments that don't seem very important to the match at all, and Blizzard Entertainment remains mum about how the game selects the moment it's going to highlight.

This Play of the Game is particularly bizarre. It begins with the player piloting Reinhardt out of their spawn during overtime of a Payload match on Blizzard World. As they rush out for one final, desperate attempt to stop the cart before it reaches the end of the line, they launch a Firestrike through a friendly Baptiste's Amplification Matrix directly at the enemies riding the cart.

It's too little too late, as the cart hits the objective before the Firestrike lands, but it picks up a double kill regardless. Now, double-kill Firestrikes are nothing to sneeze at, but they're hardly Play of the Game material, and this one — bafflingly — took place after the match was already over.

"Anyone know how this works?" wrote Reddit user u/romanc3 when they posted the clip to the Overwatch subreddit. Commenters theorized the Play of the Game was the result of latency, as the Firestrike went out before the match ended, but it remains a mysterious Play of the Game.