Overwatch Players Shocked by Skin Prices in Final Event

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment is hosting a final event for Overwatch players before Overwatch 2 is released. The Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 event includes skins that players have been on the lookout for. Overwatch players were dissatisfied with the cost of the older skins and are wondering why they are still so expensive.

Blizzard announced that the sale of lootboxes would be stopping at the end of the Anniversary Remix Vol. 3 events so players will have the last chance to buy them before.

The skins from the 2021 Summer Games event still cost around 3,000 coins. Players are confused as to why the skins are still expensive when other year-old skins are priced at 1,000 coins only.

Players shared on Reddit that they think the reason why the skins are still expensive is that they know players will try and scramble for last-minute free skins. You can either spend money on the skins or grind the game to get them for free.

Overwatch players also took to Twitter to ask Blizzard why the skins are 3,000 coins. Blizzard Customer Service responded that the skins are intended to be the Best of Overwatch for its anniversary event and therefore it has anniversary pricing.

Because there was no summer event this year, Blizzard is still considering the 2021 Summer Games event skins "new" which is why the skins did not receive the 2,000 coin discount.