Overwatch Players Solve Mystery of 'Ghost' Healing Stats

A glitch attributes spawn room healing to individual players.
A glitch attributes spawn room healing to individual players. / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch players have long wondered about why damage-dealing heroes — heroes without healing abilities — occasionally received end-game cards measuring how much healing they did. With no way to heal teammates, these characters shouldn't be able to accrue healing stats. How is it possible for them to set new personal bests above zero healing?

At long last, the mystery has finally been solved. Overwatch Workshop user Lootto has discovered that a glitch in the spawn room leads to the mysterious stats. Apparently, if a player retreats to the spawn room in order to heal, credit for the healing can be given to a nearby teammate of theirs.

Lootto demonstrated the phenomenon in a video posted to Twitter on Nov. 19. A Reinhardt player smacks an enemy Torbjörn with his hammer while a Hanzo stands nearby. The Torbjörn then retreats to the spawn room and starts replenishing HP, but the in-game event lists Hanzo as providing the healing.

The glitch remains exceedingly rare, so it's likely not high on Blizzard's priority list for patches.