Overwatch Players Start Petition to Change Name of McCree

Overwatch fans call for McCree to be renamed
Overwatch fans call for McCree to be renamed / Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch players are calling for Jesse McCree to be renamed after a developer of the hero was featured in a Blizzard report stating allegations against the company.

On July 27, while Blizzard employees staged a walkout protest, Kotaku reported on the infamous “Cosby Suite” at Blizzcon 2013— a nickname given to former World of Warcraft designer, Alex Afrasiabi’s alcohol-filled room. 

The report featured a photo of a group chat that featured multiple higher-ups at Blizzard. This photo was uploaded on Afrasiabi’s Facebook. One of the people seen in the photo, former Hearthstone Creative Director, David Kosak, wrote “I am gathering the chixx for the Coz.” 

“You can’t marry ALL of them Alex,” added Kosak, which prompted Afrasiabi to disagree. “I can, I’m Middle Eastern.”

Following Afrasiabi, Diablo IV's Lead Game Designer, Jesse McCree chimed in with “You misspelled f**k.”

Jesse McCree is the popular cowboy sharpshooter from Overwatch who was named after the developer. 

Overwatch Players Start Petition to Change Name of McCree

Following this report, Overwatch players have begun calling for Blizzard to rename the cowboy via petition. 

“Petition for Overwatch to rename Jesse McCree to Matt Mercer in light of the real life Jesse McCree being a greasy ‘Cosby Suit’ dwelling scumbag,” one player stated on Twitter. 

Matt Mercer is the voice actor for McCree in Overwatch and has been very active in both the role he’s played with the character and has had a staunch stance against Blizzard’s recent allegations. 

Other fans have continued echoing this sentiment. The Overwatch developers have not commented on the situation yet.