Overwatch Pro Shows Off Life-Saving Emote Trick for Tracer

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch professional, Stefan ‘Onigod’ Fiskerstrand, showed off an absurd trick by Tracer which will most definitely be patched out at some point. It's fair to say, that if he tried this in an Overwatch League match, he would be banned. But it's pretty hilarious for a normal match of Overwatch.

The Paris Eternal fan was fleeing from a D.Va as his Tracer was on the edge of death. Then he did something unexpected. He used an emote to disappear in the wall for a split second.

What's so impressive is the fact that he had to time it perfectly as the emote makes Tracer lean into the wall for a second before stepping out again. Right when Tracer disappears, the D.Va pops around the corner and quickly gives up. If they would have waited a second later, they would have seen Tracer reappear.