Overwatch PTR Patch Notes Add New Share Replays Feature

There's a new Share Replays feature in Overwatch's PTR
There's a new Share Replays feature in Overwatch's PTR / Image courtesy of Blizzard

Overwatch PTR patch notes went live Wednesday including a new feature for players to share their moments with friends.

The patch notes included hero changes to Sigma, Soldier: 76, D.Va and Mei. Additionally, there's a new feature for fans.

Overwatch New Feature: Share Replays

For quite some time gamers have wanted the ability to share their replays from matches, and now they can, as developers have introduced the Share Replays system.

"A replay is shared via an alphanumeric code typically 6 characters long. The code can be shared however you want: in game, on forums, over social media," Community Manager Josh Nash wrote in the Overwatch PTR patch notes. "Another player can input that code and watch your replay. Codes are valid until the next patch."

While introducing the share replays system, the replay system itself has been upgraded. Also, you can save and keep up to 10 replays at a time.

The game tracks your 10 most recently imported replay codes so you can watch the same replay again without having to retype the code.

There is also a new note field for each replay entry, giving players the ability to write a description for their replays.