Overwatch QuickPlay Classic: Everything You Need to Know

Overwatch QuickPlay Classic mode has now made its way into Blizzard's landmark multiplayer online battle area game. This not-so-new mode is now part of the Arcade and features all the aspects you knew and loved before the development team implemented Role Queue into the division. It seems like Blizzard is on a kick either revamping or keeping the old game modes around for players who prefer them.

Here's everything you need to know about QuickPlay Classic.

Overwatch QuickPlay Classic

Essentially, QuickPlay Classic is just Overwatch before the addition of Role Queue as a mandatory part of all their game modes. It is now located in the Arcade portion of the game and contains all the features of "classic" Overwatch that you enjoyed⁠—namely, being able to select whatever hero you wanted to play in a match.

This means that you will still have the opportunity to create and play those crazy compositions you loved before the new queue function. Want to jump in a lobby as DPS with five other DPS friends? Go for it. Looking to run a team solely made up of tanks and healers? You can do that, too. All the things you dreamed were possible in classic Overwatch are now once again possible in QuickPlay Classic.

What else could be on Blizzard's list of classic remasters, we wonder?

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment